To anyone who actually reads my ramblings, the reason I’ve been a little inactive is due to my new job as a music writer for an Australian magazine/website. I just discussed Drake and Macklemore during an interview so I’m clearly living some kind of strange dream at the moment. Despite my work, I’m endeavoring to write more reviews and I might even post links to my work on here. 


Gravity (2013, Cuaron, 1st viewing)

On the technical side of things, Gravity is a border-line masterpiece. It’s also one of the most terrifying films I’ve ever witnessed. The genre should be classed as a sci-fi terror film, because there are certain scenes which are genuinely tense and nail-biting, especially with the right media set-up (I dream of how it would be in 3D). My main issue with the film is whenever someone opens their mouth. Bullock and Clooney are fine, but are let down by a weak script with has the subtlety of a rhino wielding a sledge-hammer banging on two trash cans. With stronger writing and/or maybe two no name actors (for instance, was the reference to Clooney being attractive tongue-in-cheek or did they really not give a shit about not being too obvious), Gravity may hay been one of the finest blockbusters of the last few years. Instead, it’s still very solid and rewatchable for visuals and effects alone, but little else inspires me to even rank it in my Top 10 for 2013 which is a real shame. 


Let me explain about my post about 12 Years A Slave. To shower a film with awards for simply being IMPORTANT is absolutely ridiculous. Films should be judged and valued by their artistic merit not their content. If we followed that logic films like Crash would win Best Picture… oops.


So happy to Matthew McConaughey win, terrific performance.

Also happy to see 12 Years a Slave win so the fanboys don’t scream bloody murder for years and huff and puff all over the internet. Happy now guys? :) 

Cate Blanchett is an absolute champ, great speech. Sad to see Adams get snubbed though, she was amazing.

Wolf was snubbed, expected as much depressed to see it happen. Boo.

American Hustle won nothing. You just know the cynics are celebrating and slapping their knees in delight now. Have fun. 



list of my favorite actors & actresses » Robert De Niro

"I`ve never been one of those actors who has touted myself as a fascinating human being. I had to decide early on whether I was to be an actor or a personality."

♥ ♥ ♥

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Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986, Komizu, 1st viewing)

Another day, another weird Asian cult oddity. Half pinku, half slasher flick, Entrails of a Beautiful Woman features the best Alien homage scene I’ve EVER seen. And that includes the scene from Spaceballs. Only worth a watch if it’s past midnight and you’re bored/intoxicated or just like weird Asian films (I’m part of all three categories) 


Review of Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies (Phillips)

Whether you believe GG Allin to be the zenith of punk attitude, or a dangerous, mentally ill and frankly disgusting entertainer, his story is always fascinating and Hated is the perfect place to begin an education on one hell of a notorious rocker.



Review of Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock)

More classic (and shockingly unwatched) Hitchcock. Murder, mystery, double-crossing, a superb villain and tennis. The kind of film I could watch any day; rain, hail sunshine or snow and I’d instantly be hooked. A lot of his of his work has that quality. Robert Walker is also absolutely brilliant, a real shame he passed away so soon afterwards


Review of Enter The Void
While reflecting on Gaspar Noe’s fourth film, I kept thinking about his earlier work. I Stand Alone (awful), Irreversible (shockingly brutal but superbly crafted) were both stand-out films in terms of being memorable. Both sides of the spectrum, distate and a film admiration. Enter The Void was a hyped up event for me, the Kanye inspiration, the DMT scenes, the general atmostphere of the film seemed like sure winners. Do I find Enter The Void good? Very much so. Some parts of the film (i.e especially the childhood flashbacks, and comparisons between certain moments) were fantastically done, to the extent where other parts suffered. The 2 and a half hour running time is a mixed bag of tricks on display, and what does stick the landing does it well. It brings to mind my feelings on The Tree Of Life, which I think is an incredible film. Enter The Void lost me in the beauty of existance* as did TOL, but the degradation, seediness and occasional visual stimuli also swept me up. None brought as much cinematic pleasure as The Tree Of Life, but it’s undeniably one of the most original, thought provoking and individualistic films ever crafted.

*sounds corny yes, but there’s no other words I can say really


The Twin Peaks article is still gestating, meanwhile.. 

Review of Dallas Buyer’s Club

The Oscar season constantly provides a guide to the best films of the preeceeding year. While not entirely accurate a lot of time (so many amazing films remain unominated), it does some good regardless. For instance making me finally view Dallas Buyers Club. The film deals with the true story about Ron Woodroof (anothr brilliant Matthew McConaughey), a deeply homophobic man who challeges his beliefs, and the system surrounding AIDS drugs after he is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He teams up with another sufferer of the terrible disease (30 Second’s To Mars lead man Jared Leto, almost unrecognisable in an astonishing transformation) who changes his life and vice versa. These two amazing performances elevate the film to a place it would never have gotten near without them. It’s a solid film no doubt, but two incredible physical transformations (both actors lost tremendous weight to portray the two dying men) and poignant performances are miles ahead of the film. Absolutely a worth-see to see Leto and McConaughey.