Barry Lyndon (1975, Kubrick, 1st viewing) 

If I ever have to justify my love for cinema, or argue cinema as an artform equal to any other, I’m probably going to use Barry Lyndon as an example. It’s a film of breath-taking and epic vision for the narrative alone, but I thought about going into crazy hyperbole but good lord this film looks absolutely amazing. Once again, and without sounding like a toolish fanboy, Kubrick has re-instilled my love for film-making. The cinematography, the music, the lighting, the costumes everything just clicks so perfectly. And the most incredible thing, at least for me is the fact I usually don’t go for period films, especially of the period that Barry Lyndon covers. I’m already confident this is in my Top 5 Kubrick and a rewatch at some point might even place this in my (not written up currently because I’m terrible) future Top 150/100.